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To compile the JiST system, the SWANS simulator and the various example and benchmark scripts, please follow the following directions:

  1. Set your environment variables.
    1. Add the directories for the following executables to your path: java, javac, rmic, javah.
    2. Add the following directory to your path: <jist_code>/bin.
    3. Set JAVA_HOME to the Java installation directory.
  2. From the JiST src directory, execute: make or make.bat. All the necessary library dependencies are included in libs. Specifically, JiST uses the following:
    1. JArgs - Command-line argument processing:
    2. Log4j - Logging framework:
    3. BCEL - Byte-Code Engineering Libary:
    4. BeanShell - Scripting engine:
    5. Jython - Scripting engine: