Java in Simulation Time / Scalable Wireless Ad hoc Network Simulator


Simulation Languages

  • Parsec - a C-based, process oriented, parallel, discrete event simulation language.
  • Csim - a commercial C-based, process-oriented, parallel, discrete-event simulation language.

Simulation Libraries and Frameworks

  • Ptolemy - the Ptolemy project studies modeling, simulation, and design of concurrent, real-time, embedded systems, with a focus on the assembly of concurrent components.
  • J-Sim - a Java-based, component-oriented, compositional simulation framework.
  • SimKit - an object-oriented logical-process view discrete-event simulation kernel.

Simulation Runtimes and Kernels

  • GTW - Georgia Tech. Time Warp simulation kernel.
  • DaSSF - a scalable process-oriented, conservatively synchronized parallel simulator.
  • Parsimony - a threaded, distributed, Java-based simulation kernel.
  • SPEEDES - Synchronous Parallel Environment for Emulation and Discrete-Event Simulation.

Network Simulators

  • ns2 - a discrete event simulator targeted at networking research, with support for simulation of TCP, and numerous routing, and multicast protocols.
  • PDNS - a conservatively parallel, distributed ns2 implementation.
  • GloMoSim - a scalable simulation environment for wireless network systems written in Parsec.
  • DaSSFNet - a collection of SSFNet-compatible simulation components for modeling communication networks.
Excellent, broader and more complete lists of simulation-related resources can be found at UCLA, McGill, IDSIA and U.Calgary.
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